Liver Disease and Treatments
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There are many types and causes of liver disease.  Dr. Krieger has extensive training and experience in helping patients who suffer from many types of liver diseases.

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver.  Today there are several types of medication available to control Hepatitis and help patients to live life normally, though cautiously.

Fatty Liver disease may be caused by either a higher composition of body fat or by alcohol consumption.  Often times a combination of dietary changes and exercise can be combined with medication to aid a patient's liver function and reduce the dangerous risks that fatty liver disease poses.

Cancer often effects a patient's liver and the ducts that release bile from the liver may become blocked.  A gastroenterologist with additional training can perform a procedure referred to as an E.R.C.P. to place a stint in the duct or to cut the duct and allow the bile to flow out of the liver and into the intestine as it should.  (To perform the procedure, the doctor uses an endoscope that the patient swallows and then the doctor guides into the duodenum.  At this point a catheter is used to canulate the ampulla to gain access to either the common bile duct or the pancreatic duct.  A contrast dye is then used to image the selected duct. The endoscope is equipped with a small camera at the end that relays images from inside the body back out to a video monitor.  Therapeutic techniques including cutting the ampulla (sphincterotomy), biopsy, stent placement, balloons and baskets.  A patient is usually sedated during the procedure.)

Dr. Krieger has more than 15 years of experience performing E.R.C.P.
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