The galbladder is located just beneath the liver and stores bile that the liver produces to metabolize (or break down via digestion) fats in the food that we eat in the intestine.  Sometimes the gallbladder becomes infected or inflammed, other times small stones may form ("gallstones"), either of these may interfere with the release of bile.

To restore the normal flow of bile into the body, a gastroenterologist may need to perform a therapeutic procedure referred to as an E.R.C.P. using a tiny scope the doctor will check the ducts through which the bile flows from the gallbladder to the intestine.

Sometimes it is necessary for a surgeon to remove a patient's gallbladder, though this will not necessarily prevent future problems from arising with the bile ducts.

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And for additional information, the National Institute if Health website may be found at
Gallbladder Disease and Treatments
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