What is an E.R.C.P., and who needs an ERCP?
E.R.C.P. (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) is a procedure performed in the hospital where a physician uses an endoscope and x-rays to view the inside of the patient's bile duct, pancreas and duodenum. This procedure is performed for several reasons:  gallstones that may be blocking the bile duct, tumors of the bile ducts, bleeding or infection. 

To perform the procedure, the doctor uses an endoscope that the patient swallows and then the doctor guides into the duodenum.  At this point a catheter is used to canulate the ampulla to gain access to either the common bile duct or the pancreatic duct.  A contrast dye is then used to image the selected duct. The endoscope is equipped with a small camera at the end that relays images from inside the body back out to a video monitor. 

Therapeutic techniques including cutting the ampulla (sphincterotomy), biopsy, stent placement, balloons and baskets.  A patient is usually sedated during the procedure. 

The patient's stomach should be cleared of food prior to endoscopy.  Your physician will provide dietary guidelines during your office (or hospital) visit prior to the procedure.

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