What is a Colonoscopy?
Colonoscopy is a procedure where a specially physician uses a colonoscope to view the inside of the patient's large intestine.  A gastroenterologist has years of additional training in colonoscopy.  This procedure is performed to screen for early signs of colon cancer as well as to locate inflamed or bleeding areas of the rectum or colon.  The colonoscope is equipped with a small camera at the end that relays images from inside the rectum and large intestine back out to a video monitor.  The scope is also equipped with additional tools:  the doctor can take tissue samples (biopsy) of an inflamed area or polyp; also the doctor may use an electric probe to stop the source of a bleed.  During a colonscopy the patient is usually given a sedative and the procedure is performed while the patient is in a state of 'conscious sedation.'  The average colonoscopy is performed during in a 30-minute procedure.
NOTE: Following a colonoscopy, the patient must have someone to drive her/him home.  The patient will not be allowed to drive home because of the sedatives. 

The patient's colon must be completely cleaned out prior to colonoscopy.  Your physician will provide dietary guidelines and recommend appropriate laxatives during your office visit prior to the procedure.

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